Walking towards the Light from the cross of a King

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What Others Say

“When I think of Joshua Humbert the passage of Scripture that immediately comes to mind is 2 Timothy 2:15. “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” That is what Josh does in front of an audience; he accurately handles God’s Word.

We have used Josh several times to speak in camp settings to students groups ranging from less than 100 to close to 1,000. He brings in illustrations from his personal life, current events, and even video clips to draw students into the teaching.  But it his command of the Scriptures that students walk away challenged by.  If you are looking for a solid Bible teacher, regardless of the age of the group, I highly recommend Joshua Humbert to you.”  —-Jerry Canupp, Pastor at Mayfield Park Church in San Antonio, TX

“When Joshua communicates with adults or teens, he connects with them where they are, not because he changes who he is, he naturally relates well with whatever group he has an opportunity to share God’s truth with. I have had the privilege of hearing Joshua share with a large youth camp, a smaller retreat, and even in a revival setting. Each time Joshua communicated the word of God with clarity and boldness. Hearing Joshua speak is hearing a man share through the power of the Spirit.”   —-Greg J Jackson, Youth Pastor at Kirby Baptist Church

“Inviting someone to have access to my kids is a responsibility I take very seriously.  I want anyone who teaches my students to be focused on God’s Word, genuine in their life of devotion to the Lord, and capable of holding my students’ attention.  Josh Humbert is quite simply the best I have ever encountered at achieving all of these markers.

Each time God has placed our kids in the circle of his influence, our kids have come out of that experience more passionate about Christ, more devoted to God’s Word, and more determined to live their lives for Christ with passion and authenticity.  Josh communicates in an engaging way in which God’s Word is unquestionably “the star of the show.”  His focus on Scripture and obvious reverence for God’s Word is a privilege to witness and a joy to watch unfold before my students.  Our ministry has been blessed and the lives of our students and leaders have been enriched because of Josh’s faithfulness to allow God to use his gifts and passions to pour into our lives.”    —-Mike Murrie, Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Garland, TX

“While serving as a student pastor, I was very cautious about who I allowed to speak into my student’s lives. To find a communicator who not only preaches clear Biblical truth but also has a way of capturing student’s attention in a relevant and powerful way, is a rare find.

Josh is one of those rare guys that not only challenges students but leaves them with memorable truths that they can apply immediately.  Josh is clearly called and gifted and my students are better for his investment in them.”    —-David Martin, Director of Students for I Am Second

“I have had the pleasure of working with Josh in a variety of settings.  From camp to Disciple Now to following his posts on Facebook.  The Word of God is certainly the basis of his ministry and his life.  He has the ability to connect and challenge on many levels.  Josh brings the Word clear and strong each time.  I look forward to seeing what God continues to do in and through him.”  —-Craig Barrack, Youth Pastor at Central Baptist Church in Crandall

“Josh Humbert is one of the most gifted leaders and teachers I have ever worked with. Whether in casual conversation or large group teaching, his passion for his Father is obvious and contagious.”  —-Aaron Powers, Lead Pastor at Compass Church in San Antonio, TX


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