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The Prestige

In Episode 3 of the Cr0ss-Cutting Culture Podcast we go back 10 years and breakdown The Prestige, from Christopher Nolan.  How does it hold up?  What can be gained in this fascinating story of two magicians striving to top each other?


We cover Nolan’s catalogue and think about a possible thread that runs through all his films.  You’ll also get thoughts on idols, blindness, envy, and the prestige of the Gospel.

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Also!!  Starting a contest over next several episodes.  If you go on iTunes to leave us a comment/rating, be sure to email us at crosscutting culture@mail.com.  Tell us that you left a comment and include a movie you would want us to crosscut in a future episode.  In a few weeks, we will select one winner from those who left comments/ratings and we will do the film of their choice!  So drop us those comments on iTunes and get yourself entered to win!


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