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Letter to a Future Son

As a relatively new parent (our oldest is 4), I’m always reading parenting books, observing other parents, and asking questions. Good, Godly wisdom is out there (as it says repeatedly in Proverbs) and I want to be open and receptive to it as much as I can. And recently, a friend of mine absolutely nailed it.

Had chance to visit with a buddy who loves God, loves his wife, and serves his family well. We started talking about about what’s it like to raise a daughter (btw, he and his wife run http://www.rootedfamilies.com, go check it out! Great stuff!!).

As the daddy to our little three-month-old Kiley Jean, I have noticed that having her is a little bit different than our two little guys Caleb and Seth. And I shared with him what I’ve noticed is the biggest change:

My words: “When I hold Kiley, I find myself almost instinctively drawn to pray for her future husband. I feel a strong pull to pray for him, like, I pray for him probably as much if not even more than I pray for her. Don’t get me wrong, I pray for our boys and their future wives as well, but with Kiley….it’s like I HAVE to be praying for that little guy out there any time I hold her.”

His response (paraphrased): “As the father, you are the spiritual leader and covering for your boys. But one day, they will grow to be men and husbands and fathers on their own and they will assume that role with their families. For your daughter, you are her spiritual leader now, but one day, she won’t have you and this guy you are praying for will be her spiritual leader.”

Yes, that’s exactly right! As much as it hurts me to even think about this or even type these words, there will be a time when I won’t be there for Kiley. But God has put such a burden on my heart to be praying for this little guy out there already because he will (eventually, one day, way, way, way, way, way far in the future!!) have the awesome privilege and responsibility of leading her along in life.

And so, I pray.

And I write because I want to record some of the things I’ve felt led to pray for him, my future son-in-law…..my future son.


Dear Son,

I prayed for you today. I prayed for you while holding Kiley in my arms. I look at her and I love to pray for her. But God has put a good burden on my heart in these times with her, and that is how I am drawn to pray for you.
I pray that wherever you are, there is a loving daddy and a loving mommy who are holding you. I pray they are cherishing all the amazing things that we are cherishing about Kiley.

I pray that they teach you God’s Word from a young age, like I will with Kiley. I pray you get to hear very clearly and very often how much Jesus loves you and the great lengths He has gone to prove this love. I pray God puts many people in your life who will point you to Jesus in the coming years.

I pray that God blesses you with a good daddy. A daddy who will love you always and no matter what. A simple line I’ve composed for Caleb and Seth (your new brothers) goes like this: “My love for you doesn’t depend on what you have or haven’t done. I will love you always and forever, because you are my son.” As you can tell, I’m no poet, but I do pray like crazy that your daddy will love YOU like crazy. I pray he wrestles with you, and smothers you in hugs and thousands of kisses on your head. I pray he teaches you good things and gives discipline and correction for your good. I pray your daddy will love you like a Godly father should. I pray that he will love your mommy always and through this, he will demonstrate how to treat a woman with honor, respect, and romance.

And I pray you are able to forgive him for any mistakes or mess-ups along the way! Us earthly dads are just shadows of your Perfect and Loving Father who is in Heaven. I pray that wherever your earthly daddy falls short, that you are quick to forgive and look for God’s sufficiency in every situation.

I pray that God blesses you with a good mommy. A mommy who will love you always and no matter what. I pray you get a mommy like I had, or like Jessica had. Or like Jessica has been to Caleb, Seth, and Kiley. These are amazing women of God who love their children so well. I pray your mommy loves your daddy and that they always stay together. And I pray you can forgive her for any mistakes too. No mommy is perfect but I pray yours is special and a real treasure in your life.

I pray God protects you from harm in the years ahead. May He guard you and keep you from evil. When He shows you the good way, I pray you will choose it and never look back.

I pray God blesses you with a sound mind and wisdom. I pray that you are able to see through the empty promises that the world makes. I pray you don’t have to waste any precious years of your life chasing these things that the world treasures so much only to find out they don’t solve anything. I pray, I pray, I pray that you keep your way pure by taking heed according to His Word.

I pray you cultivate a real hunger for the Bible, even from a young age. I pray you see that it IS the perfect Word of God. It is very pure and I pray you love it. It is the absolute truth and I pray you build your life upon it.

I pray God will put excellent friends in your life. Not just good friends, but excellent ones. Friends who will encourage you in your faith. Friends who will love you enough to lovingly point out where you are wrong and see you through to maturity and correction. Friends who will stand with you in the hard seasons of life and continue to point you to Jesus. Friends who will push you to keep pursuing the gifts and passions God puts in your heart. Excellent friends.

I pray you do great things. Maybe not “great” in the way the world defines it. In fact, yeah, not like that at all. My prayer is that you will stand-up and be a Godly young man in a time when they are like an endangered species. I pray even from a young age, you find all the courage, zeal, boldness, and ambition God has placed in your heart. Discover those resources and use them to shine brightly in this dark world. May you not be afraid to stand for what’s right, even and especially when others back down. May you speak the truth but always in love. May you not be discouraged in the day of failure. I pray you will never hide in the dark when His gracious love awaits you in the light.

I pray all of this and more. Sometimes I don’t even have words to pray for you but I just say, “God, you know my heart for this boy!” And I trust He honors that.

I look at my daughter and I love her so much. I look at my daughter and I cannot help but pray for you. You are on my heart in a fierce way.

I’ll close by saying this: when the day comes for you and Kiley to be married, I pray that you will sense this good burden to pray for HER in the same way I’ve felt this good burden to pray for you all along. I pray that YOU would feel the same calling to pray for her and to lead her in the good ways of God.

I love her beyond words and I will do my absolute best to lead her and raise her well in these coming years. I pray that you will love her beyond words and walk hand in hand with her into all that God has prepared for you both.

You are prayed for, son. More than you will ever know. You are prayed for.


If God graciously grants me the years to see this guy and be there on that wedding day, I will probably feel a million different emotions. But if I’ve prayed for him during all these coming years like I already have in these three short months of Kiley’s life, then I can know and trust that my God will have answered these prayers in His good ways. And He may not answer them all like I think I want them answered, but I know I can trust Him anyways. God’s answers to prayer are better than mine, always.

This is a long way off, but it will be here in just a minute. Life happens fast like that, doesn’t it?

Better end this writing so I can go check on Kiley……and pray again for this future son.

As always your comments and thoughts welcomed below or in messages.

Thanks for reading.

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