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This is an ongoing series where I’ve asked trusted people who have served God faithfully to write about a Scripture passage that has been of great significance in their life. The simple idea behind a “Treasured Text” is for you to be able to hear stories from real people, doing real ministry, and the real truth God has shown them. My hope is that their stories and Scriptures will challenge, convict, encourage, and strengthen your faith.

This writing is from Craig Barrack. Craig is the Youth Pastor at Central Baptist Church, Crandall TX. If you want to read more of Craig’s stuff, you can check out his blog at: http://www.simpleyouthspeaker.com (I encourage you to do so!). Or you can find him on twitter: @craigbarrack1. I pray you will be encouraged and challenged as you read his Treasured Text!

I have never been a great note taker when it comes to listening to sermons and teaching.  That is, of course unless something strikes me as a giant nugget that is like the Kingdom of Heaven and I must go sell everything I own and buy a field and place it securely in the field.

One such event happened a few years ago.  I was listening to the vision casting of the Passion Movement by Louis Giglio.  Since its inception, Passion has declared the glory of God to the college age generation.  Their theme verse is Isaiah 26:8.  “Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.” He quoted that verse and my heart resonated with it. So I wrote it down. I have a hard time reading my own writing so when I went back to look at my notes, I had written down the wrong passage. Somehow, Isaiah 28:8 and Isaiah 26:8 are not the same. Isaiah 28:8 states, “For all tables are full of vomit and filth; No place is clean.” Ironically, I gained so much from this verse.

I had learned a long time ago to never take a verse out of context. So, I went back and looked at the context of the passage.

What was happening and why was it written?

All of the priests of the temple were getting drunk to the point of throwing up and creating filth in House of God. These were to be the spiritual leaders of God’s people. My heart broke at such a travesty.

It was with a broken heart that I knew that there had to be such serious safeguards put in my life. I must, as God’s spiritual leader to students, take precautions to never take for granted my position as a minister. I should always stay humble in heart and never think for a minute that I am above the law of God.

My position as a leader is too critical to be taken lightly or allowed to become a laughing stock to those who watch me as a leader of God’s people. I am reminded of this passage often. Every time I am asked about a favorite verse or passage, this passage comes to mind. I believe this is for two reasons. One, for the impact that it has had on me. The other reason is for the way that that I came to be aware of it.

Because of how I learned about this passage, and its connection with the glory of God expressed in Isaiah 26:8, these passages and their relevance in my heart to each other will be forever linked. Yes, Lord, I wait patiently, for your name and Your renown is the desire of my heart and I will stand strong and stay faithful in my walk with the Lord in order to not defame His name and bring shame to His glory and His people.

Thanks for reading. Your comments and messages are always welcomed.

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